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Little heroes, big future!

We help families and children master the path into the digital future by providing a range of innovative tech-based courses

The future is now!

According to Linkedin, research predicts by 2030 the technology industry will have a deficit of 4.3 million workers globally

In 2019 we came together as a group of highly educated tech experts and formed techeroes. We are passionate about passing on our love of technology to the next generation. We are also proud to be tech-bods and couldn’t think of anything better than helping people navigate the complex world of technology.

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Mathematics for brain development

Promoting the skills of the 21st century

Hard and soft skills of programmers

Engineers of tomorrow building robots and programming

Making beautiful things more beautiful in a digital way

in the land of poets, thinkers and entrepreneurs…

The techeroes-offensive

Wherever you are in the world right now and wherever you choose to live in the future, you cannot avoid the fact that technology, programming and robotics are increasingly influencing our lives. Your children come into contact with it from an early age and we can help them master tech-based skills in a positive way. All parents will relate to the ‘battle of screen time’ with their children. We believe their interest in technology can be channelled into a positive learning experience and promote a healthier relationship with devices.

At techeroes we have the vision that your little heroes learn to handle new technologies, programming and the exciting secrets of robotics responsibly in a hands-on and fun way. We offer various courses, pooling our extensive experience to educate your little heroes into future great heroes. Techeroes provides your children with the education to make our world a better place and to become integral contributors to our world economy.

Your heroes could build sustainable cities, develop new energies and technologies that benefit the common good. With Techeroes, we have developed an innovative education program and experience environment.  Your children and all other age groups interested in technology education can discover the digital world in a fun way. They learn important skills in dealing with new technologies in order to become invaluable citizens of the world with many opportunities for professional development.

What makes techeroes special?


There are few comparable concepts in Germany that offer children comprehensive support in the fields of STEM and economics.

The methods and teaching concepts were acquired and further developed by the founding members on the basis of teaching approaches that have proven successful worldwide.
The working materials were created in accordance with the German curriculum and adapted to the needs of the school landscape.

Children fit for the digital world!

Our seven techeroes accompany children into a world of adventure. Our superheroes experience great stories and discover their “superpowers”. The heroes encounter “cyberangels”, which help them master various challenges, but also “cyberthugs”, the villains who deliberately try to lure children onto the wrong track. The children playfully learn to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong. It is well known that making mistakes is good for development.

Mathematical skills:

Mathematics is the basis of all science. Abacus Mental Arithmetic & Vedic Math help the children master these basics safely.

Computational thinking skills:

Help children understand the core concepts that apply to all forms of technology. Our curriculum includes algorithmic thinking, programming, system thinking and design.

Media competence & emotional intelligence:

Help children understand the core concepts that apply to all forms of technology. Our curriculum includes algorithmic thinking, programming, system thinking and design.

Innovation processes:

Help children to transform what they have learned into their own inventions. In our programs, children learn prototyping, design, testing and iteration, all-important aspects of innovation.

21st Century Skills:

Help children to become contributing citizens of the world. techeroes are: team players, tolerant, creative, communicative, and resistant to emerging crises and have leadership skills.

Our hero codex

Our children are our future and they have to find a way to live a self-determined life.

Our mission is to provide as many children as possible with the skills and knowledge they need to take control of their opportunities and lives and actively shape them.

This is why we have developed our hero codex. Every child gets to learn it in a fun environment and is therefore prepared with important values of life.

01.heroes learn for the future

What do you think I’m doing? How would a hero learn? If you are interested in things and ask questions, you will automatically learn.

You experience exciting adventures and go on a hero’s journey.

02. heroes make our world a better place

How can you find a solution to a problem?

No task is too difficult for a hero. You have creative ideas and learn with us how to implement them heroically.

03. heroes are responsible

Your superpowers carry a lot of responsibility. Therefore, your actions are deliberate and the common good takes precedence over short-term profit.

04. heroes develop the 6th sense

The modern world of technology is big. On your journey you will meet many friends, but dangers lurk everywhere. You will learn with us how to recognize these and overcome them as heroes.

05. heroes are more active

Have you ever seen a hero sitting in front of the TV all day? No chance – heroes want to explore the world! They want to learn how to make things better, develop new ideas and experience adventure.


Education, Education, Education for all!

As digitalization advances at a rapid pace, digital education is the key to participation in a networked world of technologies – the goal: digital independence.

Opportunities through education

Education, equal opportunities and responsible use of technology.

We are a place where children learn to shape their future. Our teclab in Bad Vilbel is an academy for heroes – regardless of their gender, origin or skin colour. Classes are taught in German and English.

We help children develop as open citizens of the world and promote qualities such as creativity, stamina, problem-solving skills and a spirit of innovation. We teach children mathematical thinking and the basic concepts of mechanics, electronics, robotics as well as programming and information processing in the digital age. It is our quality claim to involve international employees from different economic sectors in order to be able to offer global, practical learning content.

Our mission:

Education: We educate children to provide them with a secure and promising future. Nothing makes children happier and prouder than achieving something. Having fun learning and discovering how things work is the best preparation for an exciting and successful life.

Service: As a service provider on behalf of our educational partners, we want to offer schools and kindergartens competitive and innovative solutions.

Equality: To inspire people for absolute equality and considerate handling of technologies.

Children through early STEM education of

Turning consumers into prosumers of the digital world.

Education is a dynamic process that takes place in stages, with each stage building on the previous. If the basic principles of technology are delivered in a fun and simple way, primary school and all subsequent stages of education can build on them. Children must be given the opportunity to discover their world independently and actively. How exciting is it for children to recognize that technology can be actively experienced? How fascinating is it when you understand how what surrounds you works? And how much more fascinating is it to realize that you can design this environment yourself and create something new?

That’s why children can learn from an early age how to do simple programming on small robots, how a 3D printer can help with handicrafts, what belongs to the small ABC of electronics, how computers work and much more. Young children can learn to understand all this and then see their world through different eyes!

Children as young as 6 can start with our courses. There is no need for children at this age to have any fear learning to practice, create interesting projects, design, screw together and code. With techeroes we want to train the positive self-perception by exposing children to interesting and exciting contents in a supportive and positive learning environment. As parents know, it is so important to foster and build children’s confidence in their own abilities.


“My favorite hero is mathero, I calculate as fast as he does.”

– Lenny, 8 years

“I am always encouraged to try new things and find new solutions.”

– Erik, 12 years

“A very thoughtful project worthy of funding.”

– Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau

“It’s a common prejudice that robotics or programming are just for boys. The techeroes program is great. Lisa learns programming as well as many important topics. Modern presentation techniques, project management or all the technical and business terminology are important skills for the future. A big thank you to the techeroes team. Keep it up…”

– 14-year-old Lisa’s Mom

“I’m an IT professional myself, but after 12 to 14 hours of working, I can not get my son interested in IT. Technology is the future, and I’m very grateful for the great offer.”

– 10-year-old Finn’s Father